Bandwidth Monitor
The Script Component(As A Transform)
By Allan Mitchell
Version 2005
Level Intermediate
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Based on Beta 2

In this article we are going to assume a few things about the reader as we want to concentrate as much as possible on the Script Component itself and not the peripheral stuff

The things we will assume are:

  • You are happy with adding a DataFlow task to the designer in Workflow
  • You are happy to configure an OLEDB Source adapter
  • You are comfortable with configuring mappings in the Destination adapter

As usual we will show you a graphic of the Data Flow once it is completed so we know that if yours resembles ours at the end then chances are we are at the same place.

Here is our Data Flow completed


We are also going to want some tables and data with which to play so here is the sample we used.

CREATE TABLE [TempSamplesBad] ([siteID] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,[Readings] [varchar] (50))
INSERT TempSamplesBad(Readings) VALUES('1,9,-6,3,5,7')
INSERT TempSamplesBad(Readings) VALUES('34,39,10,13,51,27')
INSERT TempSamplesBad(Readings) VALUES('1,21,2,9,7,78')

CREATE TABLE [TempSamplesGood] (
	[siteID] [int] NOT NULL ,
	[ReadingID] [int] NOT NULL ,
	[ReadingDate] [smalldatetime],
	[Reading] [int] NULL ,
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