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Introduction to Expressions on Workflow
By Allan Mitchell
Version 2005
Level Intermediate
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Based on Beta 2

SQL Server 2005 gives us loads of flexibility in our workflow management to decide how and if the following task should be executed. In this article we are going to introduce you to one of those ways and that is putting an expression into the workflow constraint itself.

The Situation is as follows:

We have processes that run every week day night and those processes are different based on the day of the week. What we want to do is build one package whereby we calculate what day of the week it is and our package flows through the correct steps for that particular day.

Here is how our package will look at completion


Let's just take a moment to explain what we see. We have a Script task which is joined by Green constraints to 5 sequence containers. Next to each green constraint is an icon showing fx which is the key to this whole thing.

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