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A Tour Of ActiveX
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner
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SQL Server 2000 ActiveX Task.

The interface in SQL Server 2000 is so much better than that in vesion 7. If you were pleased with it then you're going to love this.

Figure 1.5 ActiveX Task in SQL Server 2000.


Some of the new things Microsoft has given us or laid out better.

1. The Browser Window. This is a really good thing to have. It enables us to see our Global Variables and also the possible outcomes of the Task. Because ActiveX scripts can be found in a variety of places as mentioned at the start of this article there are things in here that are redundant outside of those other tasks. These are;

a. The Data Pump Constant list.

b. The Data Driven Query Constant list.

2. The Save Button. This allows you to save the contents of the script to a file

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