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A Tour Of ActiveX
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner
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SQL Server 7 ActiveX Transformation.

In SQL Server 7 we have a choice of two types of transformation. The first one is Copy Column and the second, also the one we are going to discuss here, is ActiveX

Figure 1.4 ActiveX Transformation Screen.


Figure 1.4 shows what the transofrmation would look like if we were moving the authors table from the Pubs database to another authors table. DTS automatically maps the columns from the Source to the Destination. Remember we said earlier about the Auto Gen button being redundant in an Active X task? Well here it has something to do. You can alter the script, press this button and hey presto everything's back the way it was.

There are on this screen three main differences between the ActiveX task scren and this one and they are;

1. The two boxes at the top carrying the Source and Destination column names. This saves us having to type the names in ourselves. Double click on them and they'll drop down themselves.

2. No Global Variables box. No restrictions here. If you've got them use them.

2. The Test Button. This button tests the script to make sure things should work when you go to run the Data Pump properly.

Now that we've looked at Active X in version 7 of SQL Server and DTS we're now going to move onto SQL Server 2000.

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