Bandwidth Monitor
How to Use Lookups in DTS
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Intermediate
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How do I use and assign them in a data pump?

This is our scenario. We are a multi national publishing company and we have just merged with another respected publishing company. All we have from the other comapny at the moment is a list of author identification numbers. What we want to do is go through their authors table and extract the first name and last name of the authors whose identification we have and move all these details into another table. The tables we have are

AuthorIdents. This lists the author identifications

NewAuthors. This lists the authors, or at least it will.

The first thing we do is create a data pump task between the AuthorIdents table and the NewAuthors table.

Figure 1.1 The Data Pump

Data Pump

The next thing we do is add another connection to the package for the sole purpose of our lookups. We'll call the connection Lookup.

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